How to set up Linkedin SignIn- Login button so you can integrate it in your app (the whole configuration step by step)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up Linkedin login button into your app so you can authenticate using the LinkedIn account.

1- step1: you need to have Linkedin Client-ID

go to Linkedin developers and create an app. Once created you will get a client-id which is unique identifier for your app.

The client-id is very important, it will be used in AUTH2.0 to link your app.

2- Step2: set up the authorized url of your app:

go the Auth section in the Linkedin-developer-platform, enter the url of your app (this url is where you will navigate once you signIn via Linkedin is validated)

this url is very important because the oauth API will use this url to redirect the user once it will give you access.

once this is done navigate to products section in linkedin-developer-platform and enable sign-in with Linkedin.

3- Step3: Configuration of the Oauth:

Assuming you have an account on the Auth0 platform( Auth0 is a company that sells an identity management platform with authentication and authorization services that implements the OAuth2 protocol.

navigate to connection section then social and choose Linkedin

4- Step4: Link your Linkedin app to Oauth:

Set up your app credentials, so it can be used by the oauth API to establish a secure connection, by filling the form: provide your generated client-id and secret-id and then try connection.

you can choose different attributes on how the sign-in will be displayed like profile or email, … In my case I kept the default attribute set to profile.

That is it, once configuration is done and you click on ‘try connection’ button you will see how it redirects you to the Login-In with Linkedin page

🎉🎉 Hopefully this steps are clear. This way you can integrate the linkedin connection to your app easily.

you can check my repo it’s an angular web application where I use my linkedin-client-Id to login with Linkedin.

👉 here is live demo of the example

If you have any comments or feedback please let me know in the comments

cheers and happy coding 👨‍💻👨‍💻

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